45 GOP Senators Smack Down Second Trump Impeachment Trial As Unconstitutional

45 GOP Senators Smack Down Second Trump Impeachment Trial As Unconstitutional

A total of 45 Republican senators have voted in favor of a motion that was introduced by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday to dismiss the second impeachment article against former President Donald Trump, calling it unconstitutional.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is what many of the experts who have read and studied the Constitution their whole lives have been saying since this fiasco started.

Simply put, he’s not an active president anymore, therefore, he’s not eligible to be impeached. Pretty cut and dry.

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via Daily Wire:

The point of order, which was defeated 55-45, argued that the Senate does not have the constitutional authority to try a president after he has left office.

The House on Monday delivered to the Senate one article of impeachment against Trump for allegedly “encourag[ing]…imminent lawless action at the Capitol” after a mob breached and vandalized the Capitol on Jan. 6 after his rally.

Among those who voted in favor of Paul’s motion was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who at first reportedly expressed support for Trump’s impeachment to colleagues.

Though the motion was not upheld, it suggests that the Senate will not have the requisite 67-vote supermajority to convict Trump in a second impeachment trial, in which 17 Republicans would have to vote with the Democrats.

We need to acknowledge the real motivation for this impeachment. It’s not because Democrats feel former President Trump actually started the riots at the Capitol building or that he incited violence of any kind.

It’s really about trying to ensure that Trump does not win a second term as president if he decides to run in 2024. They will do anything to try and stop that from happening. This was their best shot.

However, as noted above, they likely don’t have the votes to fulfill this course of action.

There were five GOP senators who voted to go forward with the process. Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Pat Toomey.

I don’t think anyone is too shocked to see Romney’s name on the list. He’s been hating on the former president ever since he rejected him for a role in his administration.