CEO Of CNN Parent Company Confesses That COVID Pandemic ‘Really Good For Ratings’

CEO Of CNN Parent Company Confesses That COVID Pandemic ‘Really Good For Ratings’

The CEO of CNN’s parent company stated on Thursday that the COVID-19 pandemic has been “really good for ratings,” going on to add that all of the constant coverage of the crisis will not be coming to an end anytime soon.

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Of course not. Have to milk this whole thing for all its worth, right? They probably have marching orders from the Democratic Party to keep everyone living in fear so they can continue to usurp power and authority from the common folk.

“It turns out the pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle and that’s not going away anytime soon,” WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar stated. “It turns out it’s really good for ratings.”

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via Daily Wire:

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CNN had cashed in on bashing former President Donald Trump for four years, but has flagged since President Joe Biden took office. While the network blamed Trump for hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths, it has not yet declared Biden responsible for the more than 122,000 deaths from the virus since he took office.

Kilar’s comments drew scorn on social media. The Wall Street Journal‘s Joe Flint compared the declaration to one made by former media mogul Les Moonves during the 2016 election, in which he said Trump’s campaign for president “may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

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“Careful. That’s awful close to Moonves line that Trump may be bad for U.S. but he’s good for CBS,” Flint wrote on Twitter.

That managed to get Kilar’s attention and elicited a response from the CEO.

“I agree Joe. I would like nothing more than for this pandemic to be well behind us. I mean that with every fiber in my body. I wish I could go back and be more thoughtful about my communication,” Kilar posted on Twitter.

“Thanks for responding and clarifying. Appreciate it,” Flint said in response.

“Happy to. I am sorry for the sentence and for uttering it. My apologies. Thx for highlighting it and holding me accountable,” the CEO said.

The left has a strategy they often employ, a maxim that says to never let a crisis go to waste. Often this means that radical Democrats use crisis situations, like the coronavirus pandemic, to pass laws that strip more power from the American people and enable them to pressure people into accepting more and more socialist policy in the name of safety and security.

But it also means that they will use a situation like the one we are currently in to help fatten their own pockets, which is exactly what Kilar, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media are doing as we speak.