Chants Of ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ And ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Have Inspired Brand New Viral Song

Chants Of ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ And ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Have Inspired Brand New Viral Song

Once again, crowds broke out in a hardy chant of “F*** Joe Biden” over the weekend. This time it happened at a Trump rally in Iowa, as well as the Arkansas-Ole Miss game. The chant has really taken off in popularity ever since a reporter for a liberal news network seemingly mistook the chant during a NASCAR race as “Let’s Go Brandon,” which has turned the whole thing into an internet meme.

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In fact, it’s inspired a brand new song that has officially gone viral.

via Washington Examiner:

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“F*** Joe Biden !” the Ole Miss and Arkansas fans chanted and clapped.

A plane pulled a “Let’s go Brandon” banner at President Donald Trump’s rally. “Join,” it read , advertising former Trump aide Jason Miller’s social media company geared toward conservatives.

Another plane was spotted carrying the same message in Auburn, Alabama.

And now a “Let’s Go Brandon” song has soared into internet infamy thanks to a TikTok post that has brought in over 33,000 likes.


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The tune, which went viral in under 12 hours, features rap lyrics “You know what they sayin'” as opposing chants of “Let’s go Brandon” and “F*** Joe Biden” play in the background. The creator is alluding to the misunderstanding at the Talladega NASCAR event, where a CBS News sports reporter interviewed driver Brandon Brown post-race.

This is a trend that should never, ever die. Like ever.