Fauci Now Says Kids Have To Keep Wearing Masks Outside Because They Are ‘More At Risk’ Of COVID Infection Than Vaccinated Adults

Fauci Now Says Kids Have To Keep Wearing Masks Outside Because They Are ‘More At Risk’ Of COVID Infection Than Vaccinated Adults

Dr. Anthony Fauci is continuing to prove to the rest of the country that there’s not a single thing he’s said regarding this whole pandemic situation that hasn’t been clearly contradictory or completely and totally nonsensical.

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Fauci, during an interview on NBC’s “Today” program, stated that kids should continue wearing masks while playing outside. He stated that it wouldn’t be safe to go outside without masks until they are vaccinated and right now, they aren’t the priority.

via Disrn:

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“When children are out in the community, when you have 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 new infections per day, they are unvaccinated now because children can’t get vaccinated now,” Fauci said. “And for that reason, they are more at risk of getting infected because they are out in the community where there is a lot of infection. When the community level starts to go way down, the risks to everybody, including the children, is going to be dramatically diminished.”

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Host Savannah Guthrie suggested it does not make sense that adults are permitted to take their masks off when outdoors while children can not. Fauci responded by attempting to explain the various designations on the recently released CDC guidance chart.

Guthrie followed up to clarify that children can not remove masks outdoors while adults could.

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“Yes, yes,” Fauci confirmed.

This is just ridiculous. If the vast majority of adults are getting vaccinated, and there certainly are quite a few taking the jab, why should they worry about the illness in the first place? Why do kids, who in numerous studies have proven they aren’t the super spreaders were led to believe they were, continue to suffer with this mask nonsense?

The bottom line is Fauci is a professional doomsayer who gets plenty of cash and attention for pushing more and more fear to help Democrats maintain control. Period.