Folks On Social Media React To Horror In Waukesha

Folks On Social Media React To Horror In Waukesha

Both liberals and conservatives alike took to social media over the weekend to comment about the fatal attack that happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with some folks on the left, heartless as usual, stating the assault could have been “karma” for the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

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As of this report, five people were killed and another 40 injured Sunday when an SUV drove into a Christmas parade.

“Good god Wisconsin, wtf are we even doing here!?!??!” one self-described advocate went on to post on Twitter. “Still waiting to hear if the shots that were fired came from the SUV or were fired at the SUV in ‘self defense.'”

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“Kyle Rittenhouse flashed white supremacist hand signals, while hanging out with an infamous white supremacist group ( & LE connected) The Proud Boys. So we understand his motivation,” Tariq Nasheed, who works as a journalist and outspoken figure on social media stated. “But can anyone show proof that the #Waukesha suspect was a member of BLM, or if it was racial?”

“You reap what you sow, Wisconsin,” another user posted, making a reference to the verdict in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. “Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened.”

“The horrific violence at the Waukesha Christmas Parade is just heartbreaking,” Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat, went on to say. “Please keep the victims in your prayers tonight.”

Conservatives also got in on the action on Twitter:

“Have the DOJ and FBI deployed to #Waukesha ?” conservative pundit Sebastian Gorka asked in his post. “Or are they too busy hunting down school moms?”

“If it turns out the asshole that drove through the Christmas Parade in Wisconsin did so because he was ‘angry & confused’ by the Rittenhouse verdict as President Biden expressed in his statement, I hope Biden is blamed for inciting violence,” said Kimberly Klacik, said a former Republican congressional nominee. “That statement was reckless.”

“So, how fast will Waukesha now turn into a local news story according to our national media?” conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro asked. “Over/under 6 hours.”

“With the heart-wrenching tragedy in Waukesha, it’s even more important for us to do our job today,” conservative pundit Steven Crowder said in his response to the tragedy. “To inform, to heal and most difficult, to still laugh together.”

The leftists who said this was “karma” for the Rittenhouse verdict are absolutely morally bankrupt and have zero empathy for people who suffered and died in this senseless attack.

Those responsible for this action were not under direct assault by bad guys trying to kill them. Rittenhouse was. It was a clear cut case of self-defense. This was not. Stop using this as an excuse to put your lack of humanity on display.

Source: Washington Examiner