GOP Senator Set To Introduce ‘FAUCI Act’ After Heated Senate Hearing

GOP Senator Set To Introduce ‘FAUCI Act’ After Heated Senate Hearing

Sen. Roger Marshall, a Republican from the state of Kansas, is banking on a hot-mic moment from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the current White House medical adviser, earlier in the week will end up leading to a massive increase in support for a new bill that would ultimately force the publication of White House officials’ financial records.

The legislation, which is formally known as the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals, or FAUCI Act, would also require the Office of Government Ethics, known as OGE, to publish a list of officials in the government who have financial disclosures that are not currently available to the public.

via NY Post:

Marshall clashed with the White House chief medical adviser during a Senate hearing Tuesday after the senator asked Fauci: “Would you be willing to submit to Congress and the public a financial disclosure that includes your past and current investments?”

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“My financial disclosure is public knowledge and has been so for the last 37 years or so,” Fauci then stated,  going on later to call Marshall “so misinformed, it’s extraordinary.”

“We cannot find them. Our office cannot find them. Where would they be if they are public knowledge?” Marshall went on to ask.

“It is totally accessible to you if you want it,” Fauci replied.

“For the public? Is it accessible to the public?” Marshall then asked.

“To the public, to the public!” Fauci responded.

“Great, we look forward to reviewing it,” Marshall remarked.

Immediately after the exchange, Fauci was heard muttering into the live mic, “What a moron! Jesus Christ!”

Marshall brushed off the remark, telling Fox News Digital that he “did not take it personal one bit.”

“Well, I think we were both very much in the moment,” he went on to say, going on to add, “I was focused on the true facts [like] the fact that he just lied to Congress.”

According to Marshall, his office attempted to track down Fauci’s financial records “for weeks.” After putting in requests to both the doctor’s staff and the National Institutes of Health, the senator ultimately was unable to obtain them.

“It takes the NIH, it takes this White House months to respond to any type of request for information, and then it’s redacted,” he said to Fox. “It’s quite a game they’re playing. So I was shocked, I was shocked by his response, that he would lie to Congress again after he had already lied about the viral gain-of-function question that I asked him earlier.”

The Kansas senator has issued a request for Fauci to hand over unredacted copies of his own financial records to his office by Friday.

After the heated exchange on Tuesday, several non-profit organizations have come out and confirmed that while Fauci’s 2019 financial disclosures are public, they are very hard to get a hold of.

“In May 2020, the Center of Public Integrity requested the disclosures and did not receive them until early August. In order to get the documents, a reporter emailed the Department of Health and Human Services and then the NIH’s Freedom of Information Act Office with the correct completed form. After a month, the organization ‘politely badgered the NIH office via email,'” the NY Post report said.

The organization then stated that it had made the request for the disclosures this week.