Lauren Boebert Set To Hold Meeting With Former President Trump Next Month

Lauren Boebert Set To Hold Meeting With Former President Trump Next Month

Colorado congresswoman Laurn Boebert is set to have a meeting with former President Donald Trump next month according to the first-term GOP lawmaker.

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“I remain close with President Trump. And I guess not ‘remain’ — so I’ve always been close with him in my heart, but now I am close with him, which is really nice. I’ll be going back out and seeing him again in July,” Boebert said during a recent interview with the Washington Examiner before going to speak at the Western Conservative Summit on Saturday. “He’s still fighting harder than ever for America.”

When she was asked about the reason for the meeting with Trump, Boebert declined to provide further details as to what the purpose for the get-together might be, saying it is “just a meeting.”

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But the congresswoman did rule out the possibility that the meeting was to discuss potentially running for higher office in the near future. “No, no, no,” she said, adding that she’s focused on “where I’m at right now.”

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via Washington Examiner:

The planned meeting signals Trump’s continued influence in the confrontational conservative wing of the Republican Party. A staunch Trump supporter and political firebrand, Boebert first met the former president in person at a 2020 Independence Day event in South Dakota, and she has since traveled to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in South Florida for various fundraisers and events.

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Boebert’s fiery political style draws the ire of Democrats and makes her the target of confrontational anarchist activists (who should “get a job,” she said).

Most recently, she faced backlash for voting against a bill to give gold medals to U.S. Capitol Police officers who were injured in the Jan. 6 riot. Uniformed Capitol Police officers showed up at her congressional office to demand an explanation, she said.

Boebert went on to explain that she had decided to vote against the bill due to the fact Democrats added a reference to Officer Billy Evans, who died on April 2 after he was rammed by a car that was driven by a suspected Nation of Islam follower, which had absolutely nothing to do with the incident that occurred on January 6.

“Make something else for him,” Boebert stated. “Why are we drumming this up more and more? And that’s all they want,” the congresswoman added. “If you turn on CNN, all you see is Jan. 6. You don’t see what’s happening in Portland. You don’t see what’s happening in Seattle.”

The House of Ethics Committee cleared Boebert just last week of allegations that she helped instigate the situation that unfolded at the Capitol on January 6. She’s also notorious for frustrating radical leftists because sometimes her votes don’t always align with things that will anger liberals.

For example, she voted in favor of making Juneteenth a national holiday while 14 other members of the GOP voted against the measure.