Mayo Clinic Hands Pink Slip To 700 Employees Over Vaccination Status

Mayo Clinic Hands Pink Slip To 700 Employees Over Vaccination Status

If you’ve been keeping an eye on what’s going on in this country with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the health care industry, then you’re probably well aware there’s a shortage of workers such as nurses, doctors, and other staff members to help care for patients in hospitals.

The reason for this staff shortage is due to vaccine mandates, which are a violation of a person’s bodily autonomy. And who would know better about the effects of a vaccine than those who work on the front line? If they have reservations about getting jabbed over and over again, shouldn’t the rest of us?

Perhaps that’s why so many hospitals and research facilities like the Mayo Clinic, which is a nonprofit treatment organization, are strictly enforcing these mandates?

The Mayo Clinic took steps to fire over 700 employees for  not complying with their vaccine mandate.

“While Mayo Clinic is saddened to lose valuable employees, we need to take all steps necessary to keep our patients, workforce, visitors, and communities safe,” a spokesperson for Mayo Clinic said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

via Washington Examiner:

The dismissed workers account for an estimated 1% of the clinic’s workforce of 73,000 employees. If those workers decide to get vaccinated, they can re-apply for employment at the company, officials said.

The clinic’s mandate inspired several former employees to protest outside the Rochester, Minnesota, clinic on Monday.

“You want me to get a vaccination that I fully don’t believe in, regardless of my reasons. Those reasons, those are reasons between me and my physician,” one protester went on to tell KTTC. “How dare my employer stick their nose in my medical business.”

The medical clinic said it has been accommodating exemption requests.

“The majority of medical and religious exemptions requests were approved,” Mayo Clinic then said to the outlet, including the exemptions that were requested by those protesting the clinic.

It’s important to note that the protests were supported by a number of local politicians.

“Vaccines play an important part in our healthcare, but so does personal choice and autonomy,” state Rep. Peggy Bennett remarked.

“Several hospitals throughout the U.S. have fired staff due to noncompliance with vaccine policies. Northwell Health, New York‘s largest health provider, announced that it fired 1,400 employees for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine in October. North Carolina-based Novant Health fired roughly 175 employees in September for not complying,” the Washington Examiner said.

Other workers have taken it upon themselves to stand by their principles and beliefs and quit their jobs over the vaccine mandates. In fact, in Michigan, hundreds of healthcare workers walked out on their jobs back in October.

You know, if you want to prevent these kind of shortages, all you have to do is stop with the vaccine mandate nonsense. Pretty simple solution.