Megyn Kelly Crushes CDC Director Walensky, Calls Her ‘An Hysteric’

Megyn Kelly Crushes CDC Director Walensky, Calls Her ‘An Hysteric’

Political podcast commentator Megyn Kelly recently sat down for an interview with Eric Bolling where she took full advantage of an opportunity to shred Centers of Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky, calling her “an hysteric” over her policy pronouncements regarding masking requirements for COVID and vaccinations, especially those for children, comparing Walensky to the weird relative you have that always attends family reunions.

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Gee, Megyn, tell us how you really feel!

“You ever go to one of those family reunions, or what have you, and there’s this one hysteric there?” Kelly went on to ask. “And she’s constantly obsessing over everything. Like, ‘Oh, don’t touch that; Watch out for this; The oven; The this.’ And you just tune this person out? Well, she’s running the CDC. And Rochelle Walensky should not be running CDC.”

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via Newsmax:

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Kelly took issue with Tuesday’s announcement the CDC was recommending fully vaccinated people wear facial masks indoors, reversing earlier pronouncements, and that children wear masks in school this fall.

Kelly remarked that more than 80% of deaths due to COVID-related causes in the United States are people who are 65 older, and 90% of that population has received at least one of the inoculations while 80% have received two doses.

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“The rest of us are at a minuscule risk from dying from COVID and most of us have gotten vaccinated too,” Kelly went on to say. “The ones who haven’t gotten vaccinated are the children, in particular, and there are almost no risk from dying from COVID.”

“And so, what is this about? This is about Rochelle’s hysterics that some of the unvaccinated people between, let’s say 50 and 65, are catching COVID and are in trouble for it. Well, that they have themselves to blame for that,” she added.

A town hall event in the city of Cincinnati was recently held where President Joe Biden went on to suggest that the vaccine would soon be eligible for children within 12 weeks.

Kelly, who has three children of her own, had very strong feelings about vaccines for young people.

“It’s bad enough when they do it to you, but now they’re trying to tell me that they they’re going to dictate what happens with my child? My three children who are now 11, 10 and 8, with an experimental vaccine, that maybe if we’re quote ‘lucky’ will be approved for my soon to be 12 year old by September,” she stated passionately.

“Well, I don’t want it to be approved, I mean, I don’t want him to get it, right. I don’t want my little ones to get it because they’re about to open up [vaccine approval for ages]between 5 and 11 to at some point this fall . . . I am not sticking a needle in my children’s armed with an experimental vaccine, the long term effects of which we know nothing when they’re at minuscule risk,” she finished.