Organizers of ‘People’s Convoy’ Tell Newsmax They’ll Be Peaceful, Kick Things Off With Prayer

Organizers of ‘People’s Convoy’ Tell Newsmax They’ll Be Peaceful, Kick Things Off With Prayer

The co-organizers for the “People’s Convoy” have stated that their chain of truckers which will be driving from coast-to-coast beginning on Wednesday will be peaceful and will start things off with prayer.

They also made it clear they are not at all concerned with out the media is going to try and spin things, since their actions will be obvious to all who are watching.

During an appearance on the Tuesday edition of “Spicer & Co.,” Brian Brase and Marcus Summers went on to say that the media will actually be embedded with them and the route they are taking will be publicized. While several other convoys are also planned to make a similar trek to Washington, D.C., and some of them have a different agenda, the pair have talked with some of then and are even planning to join up with them en route.

via Newsmax:

The convoy kicks off Wednesday in Adelanto, Calif., and arrives March 5, in the Washington, D.C., Beltway area. That’s four days after Biden’s March 1 State of the Union speech, when government officials have feared protests from truckers or others might occur.

“We’ve preached from the very beginning that this is a peaceful movement across the country,” Brase stated. “And while we are keeping some of our plans pretty close to the chest, it’ll be pretty clear that the People’s Convoy is peaceful.”

The convoy is inspired by the similar movement in Canada that shut down parts of the Canadian capital as well as bridges linking Canada and the United States. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau eventual invoked emergency powers to end the truckers’ action.

Summers said the convoy intends to “hold the line” until all the federal mandates are lifted, “from healthcare to pilots to military.

The group also stated that it wants to see accountability in the form of congressional hearings concerning the origins of the coronavirus, along with the federal response to it.

“So we’re looking for, obviously, restoration of our liberty and freedoms,” Brase stated during the interview. “You know our civil liberties, our freedoms as Americans as part of this and then ultimately it’s ending that emergency powers authorization that is in there, that state of emergency. If we get that state of emergency ended, then the mandates can go with it. And so that’s what we’re trying.”