Rand Paul Calls Democrats’ Open Borders Total ‘Insanity’

Rand Paul Calls Democrats’ Open Borders Total ‘Insanity’

According to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican, Democrats pushing for open borders is a complete and total act of “insanity,” as thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants, mostly from Haiti, continue to pour into the United States, and sit camped beneath the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas.

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“That’s insanity, having an open border,” Paul went on to say Tuesday during an interview on “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “There’s polling that showed that over 700 million people would come tomorrow.”

Paul then went on to shred Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, who has been putting a bug in President Joe Biden’s ear about ending the expulsion of Haitians who are in this country illegally under Title 42, which was first implemented by former President Donald Trump.

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Schumer has referred to the policy as “hateful and xenophobic,” which is something Paul does not agree with.

“I’m all for legal immigration,” Paul went on to say. “In fact, I would increase legal immigration, but I would have zero illegal immigration. They all ought to go back. Send them all back. Don’t let one of them in illegally. Apply to come to our country in a normal fashion will welcome you.”

via Newsmax:

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Schumer is talking about open borders, Paul said, because he concerned about an election challenge from far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is “more radical than you can possibly imagine, so he has to meet her on her own ground.”

AOC, as she is known, said that “no one should be deported, but that is a crazy notion,” Paul said. “It will lead to more people coming.”

Tens of thousands of people are coming already because they perceive the Biden administration as being weak on the border, he said.

If you have open borders and you just allow folks to flood into the nation, you no longer have your own sovereign nation. Not to mention you open up the door for terrorists of all nationalities to come waltzing in where they can create sleeper cells and carry out attacks against out people.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that illegal immigrants tend to drain resources that we desperately need right now. We also could see a massive increase in COVID cases from these folks as well.

Plenty of reasons to seal off the border instead of leaving it open.