Rand Paul Says COVID Fear Mongering Is Responsible For Vaccine ‘Distrust’

Rand Paul Says COVID Fear Mongering Is Responsible For Vaccine ‘Distrust’

Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, recently stated that making threats about requiring people to get vaccines, while also trying to reinstate mask mandates and possibly future lockdowns, is the root cause of much of the vaccine hesitancy and is only creating more of this problem instead of easing fears.

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“When they tell you this that you’ve got to wear a mask when you’ve been vaccinated — or when you’ve had it — it’s like telling you to distrust the belief that the vaccine works,” Paul said during a conversation with Emerald Robinson on Thursday’s “American Agenda.” “So, the people who already [are] hesitant are going to say, ‘Well, if I’ve got to wear a mask, why even bother?’

“So it really isn’t encouraging people. It’s actually giving people the wrong message. If you want more people to be vaccinated, quit mandating everybody to wear a mask, because it seems counterproductive,” Paul added.

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via Newsmax:

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Paul added to Robinson he is not anti-vaccine. He believes in the science and says he has his own immunity from having had the COVID-19 infection before. Also, immunity works in protecting people from serious illness or hospitalization.

“Everything they’re telling you isn’t really correct,” the Kentucky senator continued. “We aren’t seeing lining up by the droves [in hospitals] who have been vaccinated or who have had this.”

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“Are there examples of them getting it? Yes, but think it’s more of the exception than the rule,” he said.

And, Paul is resoundingly pro-choice with vaccines, something pro-choice Democrats on women’s rights should be with regard to vaccinations, he said.

“There is a complete and utterly disregard by the left of individual rights,” he went on to say. “The people on the left who are supposedly my body, my choice and all that, all that thinking has gone out the window when it comes to vaccines. They’re for no choice.”

“They’re for: ‘Oh, you could be infected.’ Well, if you’re vaccinated why are you so concerned about someone who’s unvaccinated? ‘They could be sitting next to me in a restaurant,'” Paul stated, adding, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re largely protected. There are very few people that are dying who are vaccinated. Almost nobody is dying who is vaccinated, or who has had the infection previously.”

Paul went on to call out President Biden’s federal employee vaccine mandate a “huge mistake.”

“In a free country, everybody should decide,” he noted, pointing out the “extraordinary” 90% of Americans over the age of 65 years old having received both doses of the vaccine.

The senator also made it clear he supports vaccination for the older population who are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, along with anyone over the age of 30 who is overweight.

“It’s those two things: It’s mostly age, but I think weight is the second factor,” he explained. “But forcing them to do it isn’t consistent with the American way.”


It’s not that the vast majority of Americans are against vaccinations. They are mostly against being forced to take this vaccine without really knowing the full dangers it could pose now or later on down the road.

Some liberals will say that no one is forcing average Americans to get vaccinated, but it’s not just mandates that can be forceful. The social stigma and pressure put on those who don’t wish to be vaccinated by those who are is tremendous.

Choice is critical in this situation. No one should be forced to pump their veins full of foreign material against their will.