Rep. Andy Harris Cautions Parents To Wait On Giving Kids Vaccine

Rep. Andy Harris Cautions Parents To Wait On Giving Kids Vaccine

Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland stated on Thursday that parents should probably wait to give their children the coronavirus vaccine until they have been approved by the Food And Drug Administration.

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Harris, who is a medical doctor, sat down for a conversation on “Spicer & Co.,” where he said of the vaccines, “It’s not going to be fully FDA approv[ed]. It’s going to be an emergency use authorization, and we have to remember that emergency use authorization means it has not been fully tested for safety.”

On Friday, the FDA made the announcement that it had received Pfizer’s application for approval. The statement went on to mention that full approval of the Pfizer vaccine would not happen until January 2022 or maybe even later.

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via Newsmax:

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Harris, speaking about the FDA’s timetable for approval of COVID vaccines, said, “I wouldn’t expect the FDA full approval for children until next year, maybe even the end of next year. We may get it for adults by the early fall — the FDA full approval. But for children, it’s still going to be a non-approved, only emergency use authorization.

“And of course,” Harris went on to add, “we know that that COVID-19 is an exceedingly small risk for children.”

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But others with medical credentials, including Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., have shared concerns that children are — or will be — mandated to receive the COVID-19 vaccines.

“Now we have to have mandates on the children, and we must force children of all ages to have the vaccine even though they don’t get sick from COVID very often and they almost never die from it,” Paul went on to say. “[Dr. Anthony Fauci] wants to force the vaccine on them because he makes a scientific error and doesn’t count natural immunity.”

There should absolutely be no rush to get this vaccine out to children as Harris noted because they are at small risk of having the kind of complications the elderly have had to deal with from this illness.

It’s always wise to weight all of the information and facts before making a decision when it comes to health care.