Trump Lashes Out At GOP Sen. Mike Rounds Over Comments About 2020 Election

Trump Lashes Out At GOP Sen. Mike Rounds Over Comments About 2020 Election

Former President Donald Trump put out a statement on Monday completely ripping GOP Sen. Mike Rounds after he stated that the outcome of the 2020 presidential election was decided fairly.

Rounds, who hails from South Dakota, stated during an interview on ABC News’s This Week that the 2020 election was “fair, as fair as we’ve seen,” despite the fact that Trump has challenged the those results time and again.

“While there were some irregularities, there were none of the irregularities which would have risen to the point where they would have changed the vote outcome in a single state,” Rounds stated.

via Washington Examiner:

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Rounds argued that lawmakers did their “due diligence” by investigating Trump’s claims and turned up no evidence of systemic fraud. He said Republicans should drop unfounded claims to the contrary.

“We simply did not win the election, as Republicans, for the presidency,” Rounds went on to say. “And if we simply look back and tell our people, ‘Don’t vote because there’s cheating going on,’ then we’re going to put ourselves in a huge disadvantage.”

Asked if he would support Trump if he ran for president again, Rounds replied, “I will take a hard look at it.”

“Personally, what I have told people is, is I’m going to support the Republican nominee to be president,” Rounds remarked. “I’m not sure that the eventual nominee has even shown up yet. There’s still — we’re two years to go, where we’re going to focus on the next election cycle. It’s critical that we take back the House. It’s critical that we take back the United States Senate. And doing and based upon that, then we will decide who our nominee for president is going to be.”

Trump went on to say in the statement he released on Monday that, “‘Senator’ Mike Rounds of the Great State of South Dakota just went woke on the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020.”

He then repeated the claims he’s made about the results from swing states being fraudulent, asking if Rounds is “crazy or just stupid?”

“The only reason he did this is because he got my endorsement and easily won his state in 2020, so now he thinks he has time, and those are the only ones, the weak, who will break away,” Trump continued. “Even though his election will not be coming up for 5 years, I will never endorse this jerk again.”

“RINOs” like Rounds “are allowing the Democrats to destroy our Nation!” the former president continued.

“The Radical Left Democrats and RINOS, like ‘Senator’ Mike Rounds, do not make it easy for our Country to succeed,” he remarked. “He is a weak and ineffective leader, and I hereby firmly pledge that he will never receive my Endorsement again!”

Rounds secured reelection for a second six-year term in his state last year by a massive margin of over 30 points.