US Trucker Protest Ready To Hit The Road On Wednesday According To People’s Convoy Organizer

US Trucker Protest Ready To Hit The Road On Wednesday According To People’s Convoy Organizer

The United States counterpart to the Freedom Convoy in Canada, the “People’s Convoy,” which has been formed to protest against COVID-19 mandates, is all set to hit the road on Wednesday for its trip from California across the country, with about 1,000 truckers expected to participate at the start of the trip with more to join as the convoy makes its way east, according to Maureen Steele, the national organizer of the effort.

“We’re going to be starting the convoy out of Barstow, California,” Steele went on to tell Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on “Eric Bolling The Balance,”  during an appearance on the program, going on to add that the specific location in Barstow will be announced as the event draws closer due to the fact that concern for operational security is “paramount.”

“The Canadian convoy was pretty organic when it happened,” Steele continued. “Ours, they had a month’s notice, so our concern is disruptive groups coming in. We’re trying to just prepare for counter-protests and to take safety precautions for that.”

via Newsmax:

The organizers have also set up a website where truckers can register, including their license plates, “so we know exactly who is in the convoy and to make sure that it’s going to be a safe ride,” said Steele.

The organizers, on the website, said the organization is demanding that the “declaration of a national emergency concerning the COVID-19 pandemic be lifted immediately and our cherished Constitution reign supreme.”

Donations are also being accepted through a website link, rather than through Go Fund Me or other crowdfunding sources.

Steele added that the organizers will be releasing the towns where the convoy will stop at about 24 hours before they arrive, for precautionary purposes.

Steele also confirmed that there will be stops in Arizona and Texas, but stated that other locations for stops will be announced as the convoy moves through the nation. Bolling stated that he plans to join the convoy before it gets to Washington, D.C., “if that’s the final location. Again, you’re holding that back for now.”

“Steele said the effort anticipates that about 1,000 trucks will leave California, and plans to have a few trucks ahead of the convoy ‘just to check in with law enforcement in towns ahead of the convoy, that if we’re going to be marshaling there that evening, to make sure they’re prepared for a massive convoy to roll into town,'” the Newsmax report said.

“Alan and Bonnie Kelly, who are truck owners and operators, also told Newsmax Wednesday that they will be in Barstow on Feb. 23 from the beginning of the convoy, and said the effort is already getting large amounts of support for its trip,” the report added.

“I haven’t talked to anybody yet who doesn’t support what we’re doing,” Mr. Kelly said to Bolling. “I’ve talked to our pastor. He plans on attending…everybody is supportive, and everybody plans to participate, so I think it’s going to be very huge because it’s not just the truckers. It’s we, the people, and its people from every facet and every industry in the country that are better participating, so it’s got potential to be probably the biggest that its ever been.”

The Facebook page for the convoy has already reached almost 100,000 followers.

“Our brothers and sisters of the highway succeeded in opening Canadians’ eyes about the unconstitutional mandates and hardships forced onto their people,” the organizers of the event went on to say on the page. “Now it’s time for the citizens of the United States of America to unite and demand restoration of our constitutional rights.”